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We are the people at L & S Service. Our business is located three miles east of the rural Michigan town of Delton. Delton is in Barry County, at the center of an imaginary triangle drawn between the cities of Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Grand Rapids in southwestern Michigan.

Barry County has hundreds of lakes (depending on who's counting!). The largest two, Gun and Gull Lakes, each lie partly in Barry County. Each of these lakes is over 2,000 acres in size. Our business is in Barry Township, where there is 'a lake over nearly every hill'. These lakes range in size from a few acres to a few hundred acres.

Hastings is Barry County's largest city, as well as, the county seat. The county was once primarily an agricultural area. Today, even though agriculture is still important, most of the county is residential, with many of the residents working in the larger cities in adjacent counties.

In business for over 36 years, L & S Service is proud to be one of the oldest automatic transmission rebuilding and repair facilities in the county.

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