Transmission, Differential, Transfer Case
Miscellaneous Parts

L & S Service stocks a number of parts that you will have trouble finding elsewhere in the Barry County area. Below we have listed a few:

  • GM Automatic transmission universal dipsticks and filler tubes
  • GM Automatic transmission universal detent (throttle) cables
  • Automatic transmission filter and filter kits
  • GM Universal flywheel covers
  • Flywheel to crankshaft shims (for use after grinding flywheel)
  • Differential side gear and spider gear kits
  • Differential pinion flanges
  • Differential bearings & seals and kits
  • New Venture transfer case protector for pump wear in case
  • Limited slip axle friction modifier additive
  • Transmission mounts
  • Engine mounts for selected front wheel drive vehicles
  • Transmission and axle housing vent cap assemblies
  • Clutch forks
  • Driveshaft slip yokes
  • Driveshaft center bearing & support
  • Front axle and driveshaft boot kits and clamps
  • Driveshaft flanges
  • Double cardan joint drive shaft individual parts
  • Transfer case seals and gaskets
  • Special fluids required by the original equipment manufacturer for both manual and automatic transmissions

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