Automatic Transmission Diagnosis
and Automatic Transmission Rebuilding
Check Engine or Overdrive Light On or Flashing

Most automotive computer systems will react to a problem, whether major or minor, by storing a trouble code in the computers memory and turning on a light on the car's dash or shifter. Diagnosis is important to make sure that the problem is or is not in the transmission. The transmission cannot work correctly if it is not recieving the proper commands from the computer. At L & S Service, we can determine if the problem is an internal transmission problem. Or, perhaps, the problem is something as simple as a sensor or solenoid.

If your automatic transmission does need rebuilding, however, L & S Service is ready to provide the expertise necessary to do the job. We feel that the complexity of today's automotive transmissions and transaxles dictate that the job be done by a technician that is capable of not only disassembling and reassembling the unit, but also capable of determining the root cause of the failure and following the job through with that failure in mind. Our technicians have that ability, and we have the facility to do the job properly.

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